Making up for lost time

So i have decided to try and post here everday. ok, not really, but close. i am typing on one of those stupid split keyboards that are designed for people who can type, i hate it, k. ummmm, Lauren? Minn is close to Wyo? Birthday? YAY!


Is myspace down? No, God, noooooo!!! I had diarrhea last night! It was awful because guys kept walking up and down the hallway and I thought they might smell it, see me walk out and call me "The Smelly Girl". My room smells like Downey's Vanilla Lavender detergent.
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Geneva, if I made a Yahoo! photo album, the only people who can see it are other Yahoo! members, right? For anyone that's interested, I posted more Japan pictures (less drunk, more scenic) on my Yahoo! account. If you want, you can be my friend and I'll send you the permission link.


Just wanted to drop a line here to say that no, I am not dead. Sorry about Saturday, Creesteel, I was with my Dad all day since it was his birthday. I still should have called, though, so I'm sorry.

And I'm sorry for being relatively unavailable this summer so far. Blahblah I work 40 hours a week blahblah I know it's no excuse 'cause Jess works just as much and has school, too, blahblah AND she sees people and I don't. So there. I know it's my fault. Do you guys want to plan something for this weekend that I might be able to attend? I SHOULD be free, though I know I've made a promise to go tanning with Suzy one of those days but that's only for a couple hours anyway.

We could have a bunch of people over at my apartment... my roomie, Jen, just had a huge birthday party and no one cared that there was noise and alcohol, so yeah. Just let me know 'cause then I gotta warn the other roomies.

Love and miss you all,

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still not settled it, but all is quiet on the midwestern front. kudos to crystal for being on such fabulous behavior around louisa! hope everyone's doing well, not working too hard. i'm not.

hair cut

Hey! so i sense i bitched about my hair so much and howyou should never go to HAIR MAJESTY, i figured that i should tell you about a great place. I went to the Gene Juarez adcedemy by northgate. It was awesome. to get my hair dyed cost $30. they give a student discount and if you use these coupns i have, you get an extra $10 off a dye job or $5 off a hair cut. you can't beat that!