Totitta (thelushpunk) wrote in fridaynightgrls,


Just wanted to drop a line here to say that no, I am not dead. Sorry about Saturday, Creesteel, I was with my Dad all day since it was his birthday. I still should have called, though, so I'm sorry.

And I'm sorry for being relatively unavailable this summer so far. Blahblah I work 40 hours a week blahblah I know it's no excuse 'cause Jess works just as much and has school, too, blahblah AND she sees people and I don't. So there. I know it's my fault. Do you guys want to plan something for this weekend that I might be able to attend? I SHOULD be free, though I know I've made a promise to go tanning with Suzy one of those days but that's only for a couple hours anyway.

We could have a bunch of people over at my apartment... my roomie, Jen, just had a huge birthday party and no one cared that there was noise and alcohol, so yeah. Just let me know 'cause then I gotta warn the other roomies.

Love and miss you all,
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