wish me luck

so i have an interview with this marketing firm in fremont. they need reps and people in customer sales. so im super excited and they start paying at $16.50. i have my interview on wednesday with the manager. but here's the thing...should i stay with british airways if i get it or should i go with this marketing firm i know nothing about? ahhh....help?

but...16.50 would be pretty awesome.

haha...maggie's drunk

so yes maggie got really drunk and all of us took turns taking care of her...but its what friends do for each other because we all love each other right? it was cute maggie...until you started drooling on yourself.

i hope you guys liked charlie. he's one of my best friends from gonzaga and he's a great person. he thought all of you were "good people." he said that he especially thought that lauren's comment of "im not more of a man just less of a woman" was one of the most hilarious things he's heard. im pretty sure that he thinks lauren is pretty damn cool...then again...who doens't think lauren is pretty damn cool?

g...i missed you and wish you could've met him. you probably would've clicked best with him because he's pretty into sports and stuff that g's into. anyway...hope you had a great time in portland/salem...so on.
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California Here We Come...

So here I am in beautiful sunny Newport Beach, CA and I'm the only person awake besides the guy mowing the lawns outside of our window. Bah.

Anyways, it's weird being here (Jessi you'd absolutely die twice if you were here) everyone lives in mulit-million dollar mansions, and I swear I have never seen so many boob/nose/face lift jobs in my life! Jenna and I just got back fron San Diego last night. We visited her brother (uber A&F hottie) and stayed at his place. Jenna and I got the worst sun burns EVER. Like if there was a term for "farmers tan" but for legs instead of arms- that's what I'd have. Like you can literally see the line that divided the skin that was exposed, to the skin that was covered.


Also, G, this is so your type of town. Tall, bronzed, muscular, rich, STRAIGHT men are everywhere. Therefore making it my personal hell. I can't believe that there hasn't been one single emo kid in sight! Those emo-fuckers are probably hiding from the sun.

Oh, I talked to my mother the other day. Weird. She played it off like everything was peachy... I guess she thinks that I took my nose ring out (yeah right). But I don't plan on seeing that bitch for a while, so she can go rot in hell for all I care (she asked me if I was "gay", and I literally had to stop myself from telling her "yes" just to see if could cause a heart attack. So I just opt-ed for a "I tried- but no Im not gay" just to piss her off)

Ugh, I should go do something with my life- perhaps I'll wake Jenna up.

Toodles! Love you & Miss you all!!!!
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My presentation was a killer. And I mean that in a good way. A good killer. Like...penicillan (sp?). Anyways, many people laughed and smiled during my presentation. What does this mean? Well, laughs and smiles all correlate into extra credit, and I set the record. No, I really did. Its a fact...Jack. Well, at least until tomorrow, there are still a handful of people to go, who knows really. The whole laughing thing was good, buuuuuuutt my story was SUPPOSED to be grim and sad (i.e. Modernist); not laughing material. I won't look a gift horse in the mouth and blah. YAY! I hope that I don't start my period before Saturday (Note to my Body: Please wait until Sunday, you always ruin my vacations and paries so please just this once, no flow)!
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and seriously girls... all I can say is this:

Thank god it's after Labor Day weekend, so I can go to Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge!

See I know where my priorities should be at...
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parents are going away

so sad...i can't go to portland with g because my parents already planned to go to toronto for five days for my great aunt's wedding anniversary...of 60 years (whoa!). therefore the following are going to happen (hopefully):

1. i will be going to ben's 21st (yay for drinking and being able to come home and be loud and drunk!) which means people can probably crash at my house that night. they will be gone from the 14th, so people can come over and chill whenever...yay! well at least when im home.

2. my friend charlie might be coming up during that weekend! yay...he's like my best friend in spokane but also he can go to the party if ben's okay with it. and you get to meet him and he's so chill, its relaxing.

3. there will be bottles of wine and beer at my house where im going to finally be able to freely drink whenever...anyone care to join?